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Ruida RDC6442S mainboard Co2 Laser DSP Điều Khiển với X VÀ Y TRỤC 42 điều khiển cho Khắc Laser và Máy Cắt.

RDC644XG system is a new generation system for control of laser engraving and cutting, which
is developed by RD technology, Ltd. High hardware stability, high voltage or static electricity
rejection, and friendly 3.5TFT man-machine display. This system is provided with stronger
software function including perfect 4-axis motion control function, large-capacity file storage,
two-channel adjustable digits laser power control interface, USB driver of stronger compatibility,
multi-channel general/special IO control, and, this system can communicate with PC by USB2.0
or Ethernet, and the communication mode is automatically checked by the system.

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