Máy khắc laser fiber SAE20

Liên Hệ

LASER FIBER SA E20 SMART Thiết kế nhỏ gọn  tiết kiệm diện tích làm việc. Quan trọng hơn là phù hợp với nhu cầu và giá cả cực tốt hỗ trợ KHÁCH HÀNG.

Số lượng :


1. Integrated structure, small and compact size.

2. High electro-optic conversion efficiency, no maintenance.

3. Whole machine with 16KG lightweight, easy to carry and save space.

4. Most popular design, stable performance.

5. Double red focus light helps to find the focus easier.

6. Human-friendly design makes laser marking more convenient.


It is suitable for all of metals such as gold, silver, copper, alloy, aluminum, steel, stainless steel,etc and some engineering plastic and hard plastic. Used in electronic components integrated circuits, mobile communications, precision instruments, glasses watch and clocks, jewelry rings, bangles, necklace, accessories, auto parts, plastic buttons, plumbing fittings and so on.


Model SA E20 SA E30
Laser Power 20W 30W
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Frequency Range 20-120KHz 1~600KHz
Beam Diameter 7±1 7±0.5
<1.3 < 1.5
Spot Diameter 7±1 7±0.5
Format Supported All vector files and image files (bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png, tif, ai, dxf, dst, plt, etc)
Scan Field 100x100mm
Scan Speed ≤7000mm/s
Power  Regulating  Range 10-100%
Cooling Method Air cooling
Operating Environment 0℃~40℃(Non-condensing)
Electricity Demand 220V ( 110V) /50HZ ( 60HZ)
Packing Size & Weight Around 24×17×15 in; Gross Weight Around 22 kgs



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