The 2.5D SA Pro fiber laser engraving machine  is a breakthrough innovation in Laser Fiber for 3D art, the machine uses lasers to engrave 3D products quickly, saving time and effort.

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2.5D fiber laser marking machine is a high-tech tool widely used in many different industries. This is a machine that integrates fiber laser technology, allowing to run programs and simulate 2.5-dimensional images on materials such as:

   All Metal materials (including rare metals) such as: stainless steel, iron, steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, corrugated iron, gold, silver, platinum, engineering plastics, electroplating materials, epoxy resin, ABS plastic , PC, PVC, PES, steel, titanium, copper, shoe leather, simili, paint coating materials, some types of stone,...

Main features of 2.5D fiber laser engraving machine include:

High precision : Using fiber laser technology helps the machine have the ability to accurately and sharply engrave on different materials.


Fast speed : Fiber lasers allow the machine to operate quickly, helping to increase production efficiency.


Material Variety : Ability to engrave on a variety of materials, from metal, plastic, and even stone.


Design flexibility : 2.5D models can be created from CAD and CAM software, allowing for complex and diverse products.


Diverse applications : 2.5D fiber laser marking machines are used in many fields, including advertising, manufacturing industry, art and decoration, precision engineering, and many other applications.





Device parameters:

1. Laser power 100W.
2. 2.5D engraving head  
3. Scanner 7110C  
4. Laser wavelength 1064nm.
5. Lens (Option).
6. Accurate orientation  0.01mm.
7. Quality heart beams M2<1.5.
8. Average power consumption 500W.
9. Power supply  AC220v ± 10% / 50Hz /5A.
10. Engraving speed  ≤10,000 mm/s.
11.Laser tube operating time 100,000 hours.
12. Special functions

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